Flash Flooding Leads to Major Water Damage at Las Vegas Casinos


Unusual downpours

It has not been a typical summer in Las Vegas, as flash floods have hit the city over the past few weeks. Numerous casinos and hotels have been left dealing with the fallout, with significant floodwaters infiltrating various properties.

On Thursday night, a number of Las Vegas Strip casinos dealt with significant water damage. Many people posted videos on social media showcasing the extent of the damage:

Casinos trying to deal with the damage

As a result of the terrible weather, Las Vegas’ National Weather Service released a flash flood warning that was in place until Friday at 12:15am. A number of the most prominent Las Vegas Strip properties were impacted, including Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood.

water came in through sprinkler heads

At Caesars Palace, videos showed floodwater pouring into one of the indoor restaurants at the property, covering diners. The water came in through sprinkler heads that are positioned across the ceilings in the property. Patrons feared that the ceiling could partially collapse because of the sheer amount of water coming in.

Planet Hollywood filled with significant water levels, leading to extensive damage. The rain was so bad during the flash floods that people could barely see properties across the road.

More trouble is potentially on the way

In addition to the water damage at casinos and hotels, the city also had to deal with power outages. More than 17,000 people were without power for a time. Both incoming and outgoing passengers at the nearby Harry Reid International Airport also had to deal with delays.

Drivers on the road at the time of the downpour had to come to a halt due to visibility issues and the roads filling up with floodwater. Local resident Sean Sable said he has not seen a bigger downpour in his six years living in the city.

It looks like there might be more trouble on the way. The leading forecaster of the Las Vegas National Weather Service Chris Outler told media that the area could be in store for more rain over the weekend. Speaking about what people might expect, he said: “There are daily chances. Right now, the rain has tapered off across the valley but just about every day, especially in the afternoon and evening hours, we have about 30% chance for Las Vegas.”

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