Footballer Vinnie Jones Becomes Real Dealer Studios’ First Celeb Dealer


Real Dealer Studios uses movie-making magic, reams of pre-recorded footage, and random number generator derived results to present a one-of-a-kind online casino gaming experience. The company’s tagline is: “It’s not live. It’s Real.”

Up until now, the games were presented by a variety of unknown hosts and hostesses under titles such as Fortune Finder with Holly, and Baccarat with Satari or Tomas.

That all just changed with the announcement that celebrity footballer and part-time actor, Vinnie Jones will bring his well-known personality to the games of roulette and blackjack at a minimum. Who wouldn’t want to play Real Blackjack with Vinnie?

Production Begins Soon

Jones will be in the company’s studios in the coming weeks to shoot every possible scene that would or could occur in a one-on-one game with him. The Hollywood-level tech wizards will then code the game segments to correspond with randomly generated game results, and the studio production editors and craft masters will design seamless transitions for every eventuality.

The result will be just like playing a few hands or spins of the wheel with Vinne Jones, but he’ll come right into your living room or wherever you are to bring you the game.

Look for a specialized game suite never seen before from Real Dealer with VIP trappings and red carpet treatment.

How long could it really be before players will be able to do something similar in a VR headset with any deep fake character who gives permission for their image and likeness to be used – and run as an AI agent intimately interacting with you over $10,000 hands of baccarat or ten-cent spins at the roulette wheel? Not long, indeed. For now, we can simply enjoy the first step on the journey and invite Vinnie Jones to the game any time of the day or night.

Some of the studio’s current games include Turbo Auto Roulette, Real Roulette with George, and Real Baccarat with Sarati. The games are easy to spot in any live casino lobby that carries the provider whether you are looking for blackjack, roulette, a money wheel, baccarat, or auto spin games.

The studio’s production abilities allow them to create bespoke creations for clients as well as to easily roll out seasonal versions of the games such as the recent Real Christmas Roulette and prior to that, Real Spooky Roulette.

Exclusively on Games Global Platform

A press release from the company noted that the games would become available exclusively on the Games Global platform in the coming months. If you aren’t familiar with that name yet, you soon will be. The company was launched with private equity funds by the former CEO of IGT International in order to acquire the Quickfire aggregation network, the Microgaming progressive jackpot network, over 3,000 Microgaming slots and table games, and about a dozen independent production studios.

Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, Shane Cotter, commented: “This is a very exciting time for Real Dealer Studios and we are positively delighted to welcome Vinnie Jones to our production studio.

“This partnership offers players front-row seats to our own cinema-style showing with Vinnie Jones – delivering on immersive gameplay, quality production and an online casino experience like no other!

Source: Real Dealer Studios welcomes Vinnie Jones as first celebrity dealer, European Gaming, February 3, 2022

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