MGA Games Announces Localized Roulette Grand Croupier Titles


MGA Games of Barcelona, Spain specializes in creating and producing localized content for the online casino industry. The latest development from the company sees the launch of a unique RNG (Random Number Generator) European roulette game in multiple versions called, Roulette Grand Croupier.

The game initially launched in Spain with Spanish celebrities contributing their likenesses, voice-overs, and other personal touches to animated croupiers, strikes a familiar chord with players familiar with the celebrities, The croupiers for the release are Sonia Monroy, a well-known television collaborator, actress, and singer and the former Spanish security guard and famously bad-boy club owner, El Dioni.

Celebrities Talk to Players

Each of the celebrities plays a hosting role in their respective games to encourage the player along and talk to them in original voice-overs recorded specifically for the games. Mixed with the cutting-edge technology of MGA Games (see video here), the combination of localization and best-in-class technology creates a unique and satisfying game experience for players with familiarity and immersion.

Roulette Grand Croupier’s 3D rendering engine stands out as one of its most noticeable technical characteristics along with the developer’s ability to create bespoke environments and change characters while still using the same framework and game structure.

Multiple language versions of the games can be made available to operators in any of the markets the company serves so the game is not limited to Spanish and English versions. Localized voice-overs are being offered for all locales to add familiarity and intimacy to the games in any location.

Another technical aspect of the games is that they operate across all platforms but more specifically fit into the company’s “Triple View” design which allows simultaneous game loading and seamless transitions from game to game. All of the common elements of the RNG roulette user interface are provided including a “straight-game” without the assistance of a croupier for quicker games rounds, as well as statistics and important numbers in real-time.

Not El Dioni’s First Branded MGA Game

While this is one of the first games of its kind due to the bespoke local customization made available, it’s not the first time El Dioni has starred in an MGA game. In 2019 the company released a slot using his persona, “Where’s the Cash?”, something a lot of people wanted to know about his fabled exploits. The company gave insights into that game that ring true for the current release several years hence.

General Manager for MGA Games, José Antonio Giacomelli said at the time: “We want to provide entertainment with fully immersive productions in which casino users feel as though they are part of the story. We achieve that with real, genuine characters with a great deal of personality, beloved by the public and capable of standing out amongst the wide range of slots flooding the market.

Source: MGA Games presents Roulette Grand Croupier, the first localised roulette game to revolutionise the gambling sector, European Gaming News, March 1, 2022

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