MGA Games Releases Electronic Music/DJ Themed Slots


MGA Games of Barcelona has expanded its portfolio of slot games that star successful music DJs in Spanish-speaking markets. The company localizes content on the global stage with region-specific games and themes for markets in Spain, Portugal, France, the Latin American region, and even Canada.

New titles in their series of Famous DJ-themed games are being simultaneously released today in different international markets.

The DJ-themed slot games such as Diego Miranda, DJ In Session, and B Jones In Session are bursting with rhythm and energy. The games feature themed symbols like DJ microphones, headphones, samplers, and a properly mixed crowd presence to deliver an immersive electronic music party through gameplay.

The right combination of bonus symbols on the screen takes players to a mini-game selector where they can choose any of the four bonus rounds offered after unlocking each of the screens. Players become the main protagonists getting to tour the world’s stages and collecting in-game prizes.

The five-reel slots have 243 virtual paylines leftmost to right and feature free spins with pay multipliers as well.

Diego Miranda Spins in Portugal

Among the more than 100 online casinos that carry the firm’s product, those with a focus on Portugal will pick up the Portuguese Celebrities game, Diego Miranda. All content including text and audio in the game has been translated for that market.

For those that are outside of the region, Diego Miranda is one of the most influential DJs in Portugal and has logged performances at some of the most important electronic music festivals around the globe.

DJ In Session Festival for Colombia

In keeping with the MGA Games strategy of fine-tuning their games for individual markets where they are released, players in Colombia will see the debut of DJ In Session, a part of the Colombian Collection series of games. Backed up with authentic electronic music at its core, audio and other phrases intrinsic to the game are delivered with Colombian idiosyncrasies for a spot-on local flavor.

B Jones In Session for the Rest of the World

Players in the rest of the world will be treated to a new release dubbed, B Jones In Session. DJ, B Jones is an international favorite at music festivals and clubs around the world and she is currently enjoying a long-running position of being in high demand. EDM fans in Canada, Dubai, Nepal, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States have already fallen under her thrall, and now online slot players almost everywhere else can surrender to her passion and talent as well.

MGA Games is one of the largest providers of online games in Spain and will release Pocholo at the Pco Disco on December 13 as part of their Spanish Celebrities series. The company, with an ever-expanding presence in Europe and Latin America, offers over 100 titles designed specifically for the iGaming market.

Source: MGA Games fills online casinos around the world with electronic music, editor’s in-box, November 28, 2021

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