MGM Resorts Recruits Talent with Virtual Reality Tryouts


With the US approaching full employment numbers, several million more jobs than available workers, and some employees simply opting out of the labor market, companies have had to come up with new ways to recruit talent.

MGM Resorts is employing an innovative strategy that allows prospective hires to try out new positions in a virtual reality headset before they go to work in the real world. It allows potential employees a chance to try out a job in real-time and discover what would be expected of them in a position without having to make a longer-term commitment.

Laura Lee, chief HR officer for MGM Resorts, told Business Insider: “It can be very difficult just to verbally explain the types of positions or show a video,” but with widely available VR tech, prospects can “throw a headset on and really experience the job,” she said.

Could Reduce Turnover in Hires

MGM hopes that the innovative recruitment technique will not only attract job-seekers in a new way but will also contribute to increased retention once the employees actually sign on with the company – if you get a real feel for what you will be doing, you’ve made a more conscious choice and turnover should be reduced.

The VR company Strivr will be rolling out their headsets at MGM employment centers beginning in January, with the possibility of outfitting recruiters at job fairs with the tools as well.

While the virtual reality experience adds a level of immersion and more fully delivers a sense of place, it’s actually a natural progression for MGM Resorts’ recruitment services. In the past, they have used “day-in-the-life” videos and even remote chats with existing employees to give applicants a better understanding of the type of work they might be performing.

Positive and Negative Experiences Provided

With a focus on “reality”, the company plans to give applicants a variety of experiences such as “difficult guest interactions.” It’s thought that some participants might opt to pass on a job offer if it that made them uncomfortable. It would be better for all involved to discover any potential personality conflicts prior to actual interaction with customers as the new hire would not be uncomfortable and the company would save resources by not investing in a position the prospect is not well-suited for.

Reports indicate MGM has been using the Strivr-VR package for some time as have Bank of America, Verizon, FedEx, and Walmart. MGM Resorts now plans to take the concept overseas and use it at their upcoming $9.1 billion integrated resort and casino in Osaka, Japan. VR training would be optional but could greatly assist hotel and casino staff.

VR is already going mainstream in the casino industry, especially in Asia, with some MICE operators creating virtual events in lieu of in-person meetings and conventions.

Source: MGM Resorts is letting job seekers try out roles using virtual reality as it looks to reduce employee churn, Business Insider, December 12, 2021

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