NFL 2022 Betting Odds: AFC Division Predictions


The AFC returns

The reigning Super Bowl champions may reside in the NFC, but the AFC is loaded with the majority of the NFL’s top teams.

slew of diverse quarterback talent

The Cincinnati Bengals emerged as the conference’s representatives in the Lombardi match last year. However, the slew of diverse quarterback talent and unrelenting competition leaves the champions of the 2022 season up for fierce debate.

Following on from VegasSlotsOnline News’ breakdown of betting odds in the NFC, here are the 2022 AFC division options.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills (-220)

The heaviest favorites in the AFC are the Buffalo Bills, who have monopolized the division over the past few years. Tom Brady’s departure from the league accelerated their takeover, but they also have one of the AFC’s best quarterbacks, as well as a defense overflowing with talent. Free-agent signing Von Miller could be the veteran pass-rusher they needed to put them over the top.

Miami Dolphins (+450)

The Miami Dolphins have a nice squad and recently added game-breaking receiver Tyreek Hill, but they still have a questionable quarterback situation. New head coach Mike McDaniel is also in his first year as the head whistle, which could push the timeline back a year or two.

New England Patriots (+500)

Legendary coach Bill Belichick made waves by opting not to announce offensive and defensive coordinators during camp. He has, however, raved about the development of second-year QB Mac Jones, whose limited playbook stifled the offense last year.

New York Jets (+2400)

Two things are true: first, the Jets had a tremendous draft. Second, the Jets are still pretty terrible. They too have a QB they do not love, tons of holes in their roster, and no obvious all-pro players.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens (+170)

The Ravens have been a regular-season powerhouse ever since inserting Lamar Jackson into the starting lineup. However, Jackson is in the midst of a contract dispute, which could affect his focus. Regardless, the team has a perennially-great defense and a genius head coach calling the shots.

Cincinnati Bengals (+185)

The surprise of last year’s season is back with a much-improved offensive line and another year of experience for its young offensive stars. Joe Burrow will be expected to ascend into a top-five QB in the league, and if he delivers, the Bengals could easily be back in the big dance.

Cleveland Browns (+260)

The Browns’ season hinges largely on how long Deshaun Watson is suspended, if at all. At his best, Watson is one of the most influential players in the entire league, and he has a nice supporting cast.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+950)

Mike Tomlin will have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to avoid his first-ever losing season as a head coach. The Steelers do have an awesome defense opposite their rookie QB, but the real question mark is whether they will even be competitive.

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts (-115)

Indy are the obvious pick to win this division. They were a ready-made contender and added former MVP Matt Ryan to take over under center. This will be their best shot at a Super Bowl appearance since Andrew Luck’s retirement.

Tennessee Titans (+160)

The Titans finished last year with the AFC’s best record despite injuries to megastar running back Derrick Henry. With him back and healthy, they have a lethal weapon in the backfield that will practically carry them—no pun intended— to a minimum of eight wins. From there, their stout defense and streaky passing game will determine their fortune.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+750)

The Jags made a ton of offseason changes to personnel, but the ball is still in Trevor Lawrence’s court. The sophomore QB is one of the team’s best-ever prospects, and with last year’s dysfunction behind him, he will have a clean slate in week one.

Houston Texans (+2500)

Odds on favorite to secure the least wins in the 2022/2023 NFL season, the Texans have a strong chance of competing for the top pick in the 2023 draft. Seemingly every position on this roster needs to be addressed though, so don’t expect much.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs (+155)

Oh, what to think of Kansas City? They have arguably the best QB in the league, the best tight end, and a top-three coach, but they lost their knockout punch Tyreek Hill over the summer. KC will have to show that they are not hail-mary dependent, and their porous defense will also have to improve.

Los Angeles Chargers (+240)

The Chargers have another of the game’s brightest young QB talents and have put weapons around him. They also made two high-profile defensive signings, JC Jackson and Khalil Mack, which will undoubtedly frighten opposing offensive coordinators.

Denver Broncos (+260)

Denver may quietly have the best top-to-bottom roster in the entire league. They made a huge splash by trading for Russell Wilson this summer, and his Super Bowl experience could soon be put to the test. They are the third in three seemingly inseparable prospects for the division.

Las Vegas Raiders (+700)

The Raiders might be last in the AFC West odds, but they are still quite the formidable opponent in what is a very competitive league. The underrated Derek Carr continues to fly under the radar, and he will have the benefit of throwing to Davante Adams this season. 

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