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Adverty releases new In-Menu in-game brand advertising format


Top-rated in-game platform supplier for advertisers, game developers, and agencies, Adverty, has announced a new advertising option that was invented by the brand. Known as In-Menu, this in-game brand advertising format has launched and allows users to add relevant IAB display banner ads to menu screens found in-between gaming actions. The new ad unit ...

Spanish online gaming operators to face new advertising rules


Online gaming operators in Spain have reportedly agreed to abide by a new set of voluntary advertising regulations that are due to prohibit them from promoting their wares during the broadcast of all live sporting events such as televised football matches. According to separate reports from iGamingBusiness.com and CalvinAyre.com, the fresh rules were first ...

New advertising rules for the United Kingdom’s gambling industry


The latest edition of The Ashes biennial test cricket series between England and Australia kicked off on Thursday morning and for the first time in some twelve years fans watching all of the action on television are not seeing gambling advertisements before 9pm. According to a Thursday report from The Guardian newspaper, the hotly-contested ...