The Spin Doctor: 7 Top Tips


Did you know that slot machines in Las Vegas generate nearly three times as much revenue as every other table game combined? From the penny slots to the Megabucks progressive jackpot games, slot machines are the single biggest revenue generator in the state of Nevada.

Online, slots are equally as popular. Every online casino offers its players the very latest slots from developers like Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt. These cutting-edge games offer players the latest technology, often with narrative driven gameplay.

Slots – both on and offline – are relatively easy to understand and play. Unlike blackjack, baccarat, and craps, there are no real rules. You just pop in a coin, choose your wager size and paylines, and spin for the best.

However: there are a few rules worth sticking to, if you want to really enjoy your time on the online slots. Here are our top seven tips to help you keep the win in every spin.

#1. It’s Fun

Remember: it’s fun. Head to any careers advice centre and you will be a long time looking for a job or career as a ‘slots specialist’. There are a few professional gamblers but they generally either play poker (rare) or bet sports (very rare).

Slots are fun to play and modern games, with animated bonus rounds and built-in games, bring some real value to the experience. There are also progressive jackpots to play for. Of course, they are as rare as a winning lottery ticket but still fun to play for. In brief: enjoy your time on the slots but never consider it a career option. It’s entertainment.

#2. A Strategy Free Zone

We’ve all sat in a club, bar, or pub and watched someone play on the fruit machine. You see them head to the bar to break another note, returning laden with more coins to bet. Eventually, they give up. After this, you hear the common refrain: ‘I bet that machine is about to pay out’.

The truth is: the chances of it paying out are exactly the same as they were 20 minutes earlier. Fruit machines and online slots are not governed by how full or empty they are. You could just as easily win two jackpots back-to-back, as you could ensure a fruitless dry run of empty spins.

There is no strategy with a slot: online or at the casino. Today, every spin is determined by a random number generator (RNG) that uses a combination of organic and mathematical factors to create a truly random outcome.

#3. Switch Those Slots

Most online casinos have literally 100s of slots for you to explore. At, there are online slots to suit every palate; from three-reel old school fruit machine classics, with no bonus rounds or features, to graphically rich, interactive, five-reel, slots, replete with hidden features, extras, and secrets to discover.

As said before in point #1, playing online slots should be fun. So, there is no need to get hung up on one machine, chasing a jackpot or trying to get your money back. With so many fabulous games to explore, why stay faithful? Play the field and have some fun.

#4. Set A Limit – like all responsible online casinos – is committed to responsible gaming and has a range of tools and measures in place to stop your time at the casino getting out of control.

Most online slots allow you to play several paylines with every spin. You can also adjust the amount of money you want to wager on each payline. If you are not careful, you can wager quite a lot of money on a single spin. Of course, more paylines means more chances to win and a payouts are always relative to the amount wagered.

However: it’s fun. This is why you can choose to set a limit using our gambling management tools. Also: play slow. You can opt for turbo speed play but… why not enjoy those spins?

#5. Check the RTP

Look on the back of any casino slot machine, or check out the rules of any online slot, and you will see the acronym RTP. It stands for Return to Player and basically represents the typical house hold on any casino game.

If you are looking for value, blackjack normally has an RTP of more than 99%. This means, you will get 99p back for every £1 wagered. The RTP for online slots varies from game to game. It’s worth checking out, if you want to make your chips last longer.

Mega Joker from NetEnt is one of the most generous online slots at with an RTP of up to 99%. There are several games with an RTP of 97% and higher. By comparison, the RTP for a typical lottery game is only around 60%.

#6. Grab a Deal

It’s a crowded marketplace in online casino land and we all want your business. Check out the homepage of any online casino and there’s a very good chance that there are offers up for grabs. Often overlooked and ignored, some of these deals are definitely worth your time.

New account and new deposits often result in free spins, extra chips, and some serious bonus bang for your buck. Don’t miss out on these deals. Make sure you get some extra spin when you play the slots at your favourite online casino.

#7. Play a Progressive

Surf the lobby of any online casino and you will find scores of slots that come with progressive jackpots. There are the monsters like Mega Moolah and Jackpot King, where one incredible spin gets you on the Sunday Times Rich List.

There are also loads of linked games that come with smaller jackpot networks. Good examples are the Age of Gods franchise and the DC Batman slots. Both have their own multi-tiered progressive jackpots that add an extra twist to your time on the slots. Always worth seeking out because… well, who knows!

There you have it: our top seven online slot tips to help you keep the win in every spin. Remember: have fun and enjoy it!

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