Top 10 Most Valuable Michael Jordan Baseball Cards Ever


Michael Jordan is an American institution. He is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, and in case anyone forgot about just how good he was, the 2020 Netflix documentary, The Last Dance, brought MJ back to the forefront of people’s minds.

However, one of the strangest periods in Jordan’s career was when he ditched basketball ahead of the 1993–94 NBA season and tried his hand at baseball instead.

This choice perplexed basketball fans around the globe, but baseball fans, particularly those who collected baseball cards, rejoiced.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 most valuable Michael Jordan baseball cards from his stint in Minor League Baseball.

10. 1994 Upper Deck – Next Generation Electric Diamond – Parallel – #8


The card coming in at number 10 on our list of the most valuable Michael Jordan baseball cards ever is a 1994 Upper Deck Next Generation Electric Diamond Parallel #8.

A PSA 10 of this card sold for $898 in May 2020, with PSA 8 currently available on eBay for $250.

9. 1994 Upper Deck – Next Generation Electric Diamond – Base – #8


Number nine on our list is actually the same card as number 10, but the base version rather than parallel.

A PSA 9 of this card has an average sale price of $81.57, but the record price for a PSA 10 was $898.88 in April 2021.

8. 1994 Upper Deck – #19


The average sale price for a PSA 10 of this 1994 Upper Deck #19 is $668.94, which wouldn’t have been close to this top 10 list of rare Michael Jordan baseball cards.

But, in May 2021, a single card of this type was sold for a whopping $932.28.

7. 1991 Ballstreet Hand Cut – #19


The first Ballstreet card on this list is rare, and there has been just one recorded sale of a PSA 10 online, which went for a staggering buy-it-now price of $999.99.

You can pick up an ungraded version on eBay for just $14.99.

6. 1995 Collector’s Choice Special Edition – Gold Signature – #238


This special edition version of the 1995 Collector’s Choice set featured cards with blue, silver, and gold borders.

The silver and gold versions also have Jordan’s facsimile signature, with the gold version naturally being the most valuable.

The record sale price for a PSA 10 of this card was $1,125 in April 2021.

5. 1994 Collector’s Choice – Gold Signature – #661


This Collector’s Choice Michael Jordan baseball card was part of a “Rookie Class” which featured other big names, including Manny Ramirez and Carlos Delgado.

This card had parallel versions that came with Jordan’s facsimile autograph in either gold or silver, and the gold version PSA 10 fetched a massive $1,878 at auction.

4. 1994 Collector’s Choice – Gold Signature – #23


Gold signature baseball cards are a hit with collectors, especially for baseball (or basketball) royalty.

The third card on our list to feature the golden MJ signature, this 1994 Collector’s Choice with Jordan’s famous #23 sold for a record $2,005 at auction in 2021.

3. 1994 Upper Deck SP – Holoview Red – #16


The 1994 SP Holoview Red is number three on our list and sees a huge jump in price from number four.

It’s also the first Michael Jordan White Sox card on this list to be sold for north of $5,000.

A PSA 9 of this card recently sold for just $454.88, but the record paid for a PSA 10 is a massive $6,400.

2. 1990 SCD Baseball Pocket Price Guides – Hand Cut – #51


Number two on our list also sees a massive jump in price, with the highest recorded sale price for a PSA 10 of this card clocking in at nearly $17,000.

Interestingly, this card is the first on our list to record Jordan as a basketball player, which he still was in 1990.

SCD decided to include MJ because, during the NBA off-season of 1989, he joined the White Sox for batting practice.

He impressed, performing well at the plate, and he joined early 90s MLB stars like Cal Ripken Jr. and Darryl Strawberry in the Pocket Price Guide.

1. 1991 Upper Deck – #SP1


The number one most valuable Michael Jordan baseball card ever is another that predates his pro baseball days.

This 1991 card by Upper Deck featured a photo of “His Airness” taking some batting practice ahead of the “Windy City Classic” charity game between the Cubs and White Sox in 1990.

On average, a PSA 10 of this card sells for $650.75. So, why did someone pay nearly $19,000 for one?

Well, the record price for any Michael Jordan baseball card was paid for a rare black label pristine 10 version of this card, so it goes without saying it’s one of the rarest Michael Jordan baseball cards in the world.

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