Tyson Fury weighs in underweight before his Heavyweight Title Fight versus Dillian Whyte


On Friday, April 22nd, 2022 the mood of the environment was pretty light and so was the 2 – time world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, who just so happened to weigh in light for his WBC heavyweight title defense versus Dillian Whyte.

Fury weighed in a total of 12 – pounds (more than 5 – kilograms) lighter than he did prior to his last professional boxing match.

Fury weighed 264.8 lbs. (120kg) on Friday, April 22nd, 2022 just one day before the all – British fight at the legendary and historic Wembley Stadium located in London, England.

Dillian Whyte hit the official scales at 253 ¼ lbs. (114.8kg) which is 6 lbs. (nearly 3 – kilos) heavier than his most previous professional boxing match.

During an absolutely friendly face – to – face meeting in which the underscored 6 – foot – 9 – inch Fury, who holds a significant height advantage, the men smiled and basically tickled one another prior to a sincere handshake and they exchanged caps.

Fury who is an undefeated heavyweight at 31 – 0 – 1, with 22 – KO’s made a promise to his fans that it would be a completely different story on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 when he fights Whyte in front of over 94,000 screaming spectators for his 2nd – defense of the world heavyweight title that he ultimately won back in February of 2020.

Don’t doubt us, we’re going to put a show on, like no other before,” the defending heavyweight champion Tyson Fury exclaimed. “It’s going to be a war, don’t worry about that.”

Tyson’s weight was less than it was in both of his most recent fights versus Deontay Wilder in which Fury dominated. The self – styled “Gypsy King” was 273 lbs. (124 – kg) when he happened to defeat Wilder for the first time, and Fury weighed in at 277 lbs. (nearly 126 – kg) last October of 2021 for their trilogy match.

The weigh – in for Fury and Whyte’s upcoming fight continued for what has been noted as a moderately low – key build – up between the two former sparring partners form the United Kingdom.

Whyte enters this fight posting an overall record of 28 and 2, with 19 KO’s, and he has chiefly secluded himself only at his main training camp located in Portugal, while leaving Tyson Fury to charge – up the interest in this fight over the course of the last month or two.

Fury has stated multiple times that he will retire after this upcoming fight vs. Whyte, though the hugely lucrative heavyweight matches against Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua may most certainly make him completely rethink the decision of retiring from professional boxing especially because most people think that he will continue to dominate in the world heavyweight circuit of professional fighting.

Usyk recently defeated Joshua last September of 2021 in order to take the WBA, IBF, and WBO crowns, and he is preparing for an upcoming rematch with Joshua following him leaving his native country of Ukraine, where he has been helping his home – country during their current war with Russia. Only time will tell if Fury decides to fight either Joshua or Usyk if he does end up beating Whyte this Saturday, April 23rd, 2022.


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